About RFJ Yeowart Attorneys

RFJ Yeowart Attorneys is a family law firm that specialises in Deceased and Curatorship Estates. The firm opened its doors in December of 1990 and has since been helping families deal with the legal and financial consequences following the death of a loved one.

It became evident early on in the business that in order to give the proper advice and to wind up estates with the optimum efficiency, the firm had to wholeheartedly apply itself to Deceased Estates. Many other law firms diversify their legal work to incorporate litigation, family law, contractual law or conveyancing. The reality is that in order to deal with the complexities that often arise from winding up an estate, you cannot divide your attention between this and other forms of law.

Over the years RFJ Yeowart Attorneys has built a notable reputation in the industry for outstanding service. With more than 60 years of combined experience in this area of law, the firm is able to deal with small to large deceased estates with ease. This includes dealing with the liquidation of moveable and immovable assets as well as complex issues such as curatorship's, stocks, bonds, tracing of assets, transfer of money to non-resident beneficiaries and much more.

At RFJ Yeowart Attorneys, we realise that the death of a family member or dear friend is an extremely traumatic experience and endeavour to reduce the stress and anxiety that often follows with the winding up of an estate.